WOW!! We MADE THE LIST!! Alta is a literary community of California and the West. We recently got notice that we got picked as one of the top 85 book stores in this region. Check it out!!

If you believe the statistics…depending on where you look; there are almost 11,000 book stores in the US….and about 2000 independent stores. Other stats show different numbers, but suffice to say….it is still a pretty healthy number.

So, being in the top 85 in the West (California has the most in the country)….is pretty cool.

Even Mickey got a mention in the “blurb” on page 105.

Our warehouse book listing has been updated as of 15 March 2023, This inventory list changes regularly since we move quite a few books out of the warehouse freeing up space for fresh store inventory and warehouse storage space. 

Please note, books shown on the regular inventory list are in Boulder City, NV and not in the store so it may take a few days to bring them to the store.  

The list is slowly growing and now has over 50,000 books.  To view the list:  click on “Our Books” tab at top of page.  Scroll down until you see a link to “Copper Cat Books Warehouse List 15 March 2023”.  Click on link to download an Excel xlsx file, you will be able to search for, by using the Excel “Find and Select” menu, any word or portion of a word in the document: author, title, subtitle and genre, or year of publication.

Please remember these books are in our warehouse and will take a few days to get to the store.

Here also, will be found PDF files of Signed Books and Hot Rod magazines.  We also have boxes of Model Railroading and various car magazines that are not inventoried, call for more information.


Most in stock and warehouse books!

We continue to offer 40% off most in stock and all warehouse book purchases. Find our price inside the first page or two of the book (or sometimes on a sticker) and as long as there is no “ND”  (no discount) under our written price; your book is 40% off when purchased. This discount does not apply to book accessories, gift items  jigsaw puzzles,  consignment items or special orders.

Regular hours of  10:00 AM-7:00 PM Monday through Saturday and 11:00 AM-5:00PM Sunday.  Now, published hours are one thing, but we know in the “Vegas Valley” that it is a 24/7 town so as always,  if you are here we will not ask you to leave at the published closing time and even if we are closed and you see the lights on,  knock on the door and for a private after hours shopping experience.

Want to Shop From Home?

You can click on “our books”, scroll down and you will see “partial listing of books”. You can open and search as in any Excel Worksheet, generally we list: Author, Title, Subtitle, Genre and Year of publication. These books (over 50,000) are in our Boulder City warehouse, not the store.

Call our store at (702) 567-2666, or email and we will pull from our warehouse and let you know when ready for pick-up.  As an added incentive if you buy a warehouse book; our 40% discount is applied.

Of course you are free to call and see if we have a title in the store, if not, one of our free services is finding that hard to find, or wish I had that book service.  Let us be your personal shopper!!

We do not charge extra for this extra customer service. Wendy loves to hunt for that special book you have not been able to find,  let her bag it for you!

Phone is (702) 567-2666

Henderson Nevada Used Book Store

Copper Cat Books has been open for over 4 years now and the only used book store in Henderson, Nevada but on December 9, 2021, we celebrated the fourth anniversary of our opening. While we are primarily a used books store; we do have new books...releases that we think our customers would especially like and also offer gift items, gift certificates and book reading accessories for readers of all ages.....and some fund items; music boxes, some jewelry items, cool pillows....(yes, I know some oddities for a book store, but I am a bit odd).

Owning and operating a used books store has been a “want to do” of ours for a number of years. We established and operated small businesses in the past and while we searched for this dream, we looked at buying several local and out of the area book stores. Those didn't work out so we decided to "just do it" and found space that we could really "make our own" and 4+ years later; here we are!!

Once we made a decision to move forward with Copper Cat Books, we realized the books we accumulated personally over the years were not enough to "stock the shelves"! A search for interesting and diverse books in print began. We acquired thousands of printed books and material through the purchase of the libraries of two collectors with very different personal tastes. Our inventory reflects this and is a super diverse mix, plus the occasional library of those downsizing.  We recently acquired more books from the estate of Barry Page who we bought one large lot of our start-up books from in 2017, so we now have more books from this great gentleman, may he Rest in Peace.  As time permits we are inventorying and adding these to our inventory list.  This collection contains many (probably hundreds) of Railroading books if you have interest in these let us know we can get some inventoried for you or bring some boxes to the store for you to take a look at.

After looking at lots of different areas in the Las Vegas Valley, we thought, that since the area near our home was not served by a bookstore, why not fill that gap and even stay close to home!  So we are located at Amador Plaza across the street from  the United States Post Office on Horizon Ridge Parkway. (We are between Arroyo Grande and Valle Verde).

Our thought is to provide a constantly changing inventory for customers.  For every box of books we sell we pull inventory from our warehouse to replenish.  Our slogan:  "Not a curiosity shop, but a shop for the curious" reflects our changing inventory and decor (which we update seasonally).  With the wide variety of books we are sure to have something you cannot leave without!  In the event you do not find something you need during your visit, come back again as our inventory changes when books are sold (and of course, if we score a great new bunch of inventory).  If we still don't have what you are looking for, provide your contact info and we can keep an eye out as we bring new inventory in and let you know when your book becomes available.

One of our services is our "Wish List";  looking for a specific book that we do not have, let us know and we will find a copy for you based on the format, condition and printing you share with us.

In school and have up and coming reading list books you need?   Let us know as soon as you have the list and we will get some copies in for you and your classmates.

This is not a large chain store where we have many copies of the same new books. Much of our inventory could be one-offs and maybe even something hard to find so if see a book you think you might want, think seriously about purchasing it; because once it is sold from our inventory we may not have another for a long time or ever (and we do accept deposits and payments over time if you are wanting a more pricey book).

Our intent is to not only have a store full of books, related items and just cool stuff, but to have a store full of welcome. We hope we have create a place where you want to come to see what we have today and socialize with us or fellow customers.  We have places for you to sit and read to check out an interesting book before you buy it. We offer gift and accessory items for readers and non-readers alike, reading glasses, bookmarks, magnets, postcards, tote bags, and a selection of  inexpensive but fun and pretty jewelry.

Not to mention Wands, (replicas of course, not originals from Olivander's) used by those in the Harry Potter Movies,  we also have figurines of some of those same characters.


Stop by and see us, and our semi-resident store cat: Mickey, at 1570 West Horizon Ridge Pkwy Suite 170; between Valle Verde Drive and Arroyo Grande Blvd, almost across the street from US Post Office.  We are 3.25 miles east of Eastern Ave and 4 miles west of the intersection of Horizon Drive and Horizon Ridge Parkway.