We updated our warehouse book listing on the website Thursday the 4th of February.     Thanks to you, our customers, this list reflects additions and subtractions of books that since we started our welcome back sale, been moving quite a few books out of the warehouse thanks to online shoppers and clearing out of some shelf space.   The list now covers more than 35,000 books.  To view the list:  Go to CopperCatBooks.com click on “Our Books” menu at top of page,  Scroll down the page until you see a link to  “Partial Warehouse List 20210304”  click on that to open the file.  By using CTRL-F keys you will open a search window for a very basic search by Author, Title, Subtitle and Genre.

Please remember these books are in our warehouse and will take a few days to get to the store.

We have added 70+ Star Wars books to our inventory list, to see these go to “Our Books” page, scroll down and click on the Star Wars 4 August link.  These books have been moved to our warehouse so we need a few days to get them up to the store.

Recent additions to shelf

We are open for regular service to our customers.  You are now able to enter the store to browse to your hearts content, the way it was meant to be in used book stores!  Due to current events, we do ask that you respect other customer’s personal space.

We continue to offer 40% off most in stock and all warehouse book purchases. We do have some books this discount does not apply to, nor does it apply to new jigsaw puzzles,  and yes, we do have some, 300,  500 and 1000 piece puzzles available, including some that are used.

Regular hours of  10AM-7PM Monday through Saturday and 11AM-5PM Sunday.  But as always,  if you are here we will not ask you to leave at the published closing time, we know how annoying that can be,  even if we are closed and you see the lights on,  knock on the door and we typically allow you in for after hours shopping.

Still not comfortable going out in public? Want to Shop From Home?

You can click on “our books”, then scroll down and you will see “partial listing of books”. You can open that and it is a VERY basic search (press “Ctrl-F”) and type your search parameters in, generally we list: Author, Title, Subtitle, and Genre These books (over 36,000) are in our warehouse, not the store.

Call and we will pull from our warehouse and let you know when ready for pick-up.

Of course you are free to call and see if we have a title in the store, if not, one of our services is finding that hard to find, or wish I had that book service.  Let us be your personal shopper!

We do not charge extra for extra customer service, that IS our job and our reason for being here;  Wendy loves to hunt for that special book that you have not been able to find,  let her bag it for you!

Phone is (702) 567-2666

Henderson Nevada Used Book Store

Copper Cat Books is the newest and only used book store in Henderson, Nevada. While we are primarily a used book store, we also offer gift items, gift certificates and book reading accessories for readers of all ages.

Owning and operating a used book store has been a “want to do” of ours for a number of years. Having established and operated small businesses in the past we looked at buying several bookstores...but ended up staying where we were because it was easier...and safer but...finally, we decided now was a good time to go ahead and “just do it”.

Once we made a decision to move forward with Copper Cat Books, we realized the books we accumulated personally over the years was not enough to really "stock the shelves"! So, a search for interesting and diverse books in print began. We acquired thousands of printed books and material through the purchase of the libraries of two collectors with very different personal tastes. Our operating inventory reflects this and is a quite eclectic mix.

After looking at different areas of the Las Vegas Valley, we thought that since the area near our home was not served by a bookstore, why not fill that gap and even stay close to home!  So we are located at Amador Plaza across the street from  the United States Post Office on Horizon Ridge Parkway.

Our thought is to provide a constantly changing inventory for our customer.  For every box of books we sell we add new inventory from our warehouse.  Our slogan:  "Not a curiosity shop, but a shop for the curious" reflects our changing inventory and decoration.  With the wide variety of books we are sure to have something you cannot leave without!  In the unlikely event you do not find something you need when you stop by, come back again as our inventory changes as books are sold.  If we still don't have what you are looking for, provide your contact info and we can keep an eye out as we bring new inventory in and let you know when your book becomes available.

One of our services is our "Wish List";  looking for a specific book that we do not have, let us know and we will find a used copy for you.

In school and have up and coming reading list books you need?   Let us know as soon as you have the list and we will get some copies in for you and your classmates.

This is not a large chain store where we have many copies of the same new books. Virtually all of our inventory will be one-offs, and so if see a book you think you might want, better buy it; because once it is sold it will be gone from our inventory maybe to never be replaced.

Our intent is to not only have a store full of books but to have a store full of welcome. We want to create a place where you want to come to see what we have today and socialize with us or fellow customers; we do have places for you to sit and read passages in an interesting book before you buy it; we want you to feel welcome and to come back.   We offer gift and accessory items for readers and non-readers alike, reading glasses, bookmarks, magnets, postcards, tote bags, and a selection of handmade jewelry.

We also introduced our Reader's Club Card.  When you purchase an in-stock used book we will give you one of our cards.  On the back of this card we record the amount you have spent, not including tax of  course, on in-stock used books, this applies to in our store as well as any books that are in warehouse that we bring up for you.  Keep the card and when you return we add subsequent purchases to it.  Once you reach $40 spent you will receive $5 off on your in-stock book purchase on your next visit.  The cool thing is that any amount over the $40 is rolled over onto your next card, so for example: you have a $45 balance on your card,  you come in and spend $10.  You will receive a $5 discount plus the $5 ($45-$40) rolls over to the next card AND the $5 you just spent in the store ($10 purchase minus the $5 discount) will be applied to the card so when you leave, you not only have received $5 off your purchase, the new card will have a $10 balance towards your next discount.  Pretty cool huh?  So be sure to hang onto your card as we do not track your purchases, or you.

Stop by and see us, and our semi-resident store cat: Riley, at 1570 West Horizon Ridge Pkwy Suite 170; between Valle Verde Dr and Arroyo Grande Blvd, across street from US Post Office.  We are 3.25 miles east of Eastern Ave and 4 miles west of the intersection of Horizon Dr and Horizon Ridge Parkway.