Henderson Nevada Used Book Store

Copper Cat Books prides itself on a uniquely diverse selection of books! We have a very wide variety from general fiction to virtually any genre you may be interested in....and for all age groups!!

While most of our books are used, we do have many new releases that Wendy personally selects based on what we see customers purchasing and we usually receive them on the day of release.  We are a small retailer so we don't get the "big box" discounts when purchasing; but we still offer "less than retail" on most new books we stock.

We believe we have one of the most varied of genre selections in the valley.  A sampling of categories: Biography, Classics, Cooking, Gardening, Mysticism, Art and Art History, Science Fiction (one of our larger categories!) Theological Studies,  General History, Mystery, Political Science, Regional, Astrology, UFO Studies, Romance, Paranormal Romance, Historical Fiction, Western, Self-Help, and two children's sections; a read to me and and early chapter or read-along books and a separate room with up to middle school age book room (sometimes known as the "Harry Potter" room...come by and you will see why.  Once the transition to "almost adult" books is made, we have a separate Young Adult section in the main shopping area.

We are a true used book store with hundreds boxes of used books yet to be placed in active store inventory.  Our inventory changes daily, so if you see something you like, buy it!  It may not be there next visit. Besides the 60,000+ books our estimated count in our warehouse; almost 45,000 are inventoried (and searchable on this website), we have 100s of non-inventoried boxes as well.   We do not know what is in these so each box open we open is cause for that great “wow, look what is in here” feeling you enjoy as you open a gift! Since we regularly seek new inventory; we have lots of "surprises" and you...our valued customers are almost the first to know about them as we try to post special finds on our web-page or facebook.

Available here; a listing of most of our inventoried books in our warehouse.  If you see a book or books you are interested in, please call the store or send an email to wendy@coppercatbooks.com. We can get them out of the warehouse within days and clean and price them for you.  As of  the end of March we have over 45,000 books on this list.  Call or email if you see something on the list you’d like to purchase, we need the room.  Also, updated on 13 February our inventory of Signed books here in the Store.  Check them out!   This list is a PDF file so no need to download it, simply click on the Copper Cat Books – Signed Books Feb 2022 to review them, listed by Author-Title-Subtitle-Genre-Publication Year,  these are in the store and available immediately assuming they have not been sold.

The warehouse list is too large to be downloaded into a PDF format as we have been doing previous.  Now we have loaded the inventory into a Excel Spreadsheet format.  By clicking on the link, a Excel .xlsx file will be downloaded and you can search by using the “Find and Select” menu on Excel.  The information on this list is basic,: Author, Title, Subtitle, year of Publication and Genre.  Please remember these books are in our warehouse and it sometimes takes a few days to get them into the store.

For a partial list of warehouse books , click here: Copper Cat Warehouse List 27 June 2022

Added in August, several boxes of Star Wars books, both hard cover and paper back:  Star Wars 4 Aug  These are in warehouse.

Autographed books located in our store:  Copper Cat Books – Signed Books Feb 2022

Street Rod Magazines with Price:  Street Rod MagsPdf  These are in the warehouse