Henderson Nevada Used Book Store

Copper Cat Books prides itself on its diversity of books on the shelves! Our inventory is indeed eclectic we have books on virtually any genreused_books you may be interested in from Autobiograpy of Dean Acheson Cultural studies of the Zuni Tribe and most things between.

While our books are used, we are a new store; with what we believe is the most diverse collection of used books in the valley. A sampling of categories: Biography, Classics, Cooking, Gardening, Mysticism, Art and Art History, Science Fiction (one of our larger categories!) Theological Studies, Philosophy, General History, Mystery, Foreign Affairs, Sociology, Astrology, UFO Studies and our newly expanded Children and Young Adults section.

We are a true used book store with over 500 boxes of used books yet to be placed in active inventory due to a lack of room on our shelves, what this means for you; our inventory will be a little different each day, as books are sold we will open another box and place its contents on the shelf. Even we do not know what is in our backup inventory so each box opening is a cause for that great “wonder what is in here” feeling you enjoy as you open a gift! A recent addition is the full set of the 11th Edition of Encyclopedia Britannica printed in 1910 on the famous India paper that Britannica used in its encyclopedias! Just sold was a full set of Harvard Classics that were like new and were published over 30 years ago!